"Every moment is a poem if you hold it right."

Lauren Zuniga

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Demons- Dry the River

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hands & feet [Spring 2012]


What if the Creator of the Universe, the Son of God, bent to wash my dirty, cracked, bleeding, muddy feet? Would I let Him go near them? I would think the mess is too much for Him. It’s not His place. He shouldn’t. He can’t. I won’t let Him. He would turn His face in disgust. I know it.

The same is true for our hearts and souls. Our dirty, cracked, bleeding, muddy hearts. He wants to clean mine, but I turn. Tell Him it’s not His place. Let me wash it later, Jesus. 

I snatch my heart away from Him. Don’t look there. Please.

But He wants to. “Unless I wash you, you have no part with Me.” 

We are called to wash each other’s hearts as He washes ours. Be gentle with your hands. Be open to the healing.

Be clean.


That camping trip was in tents.

A reminder for a friend.


"Serial Doubter"- Penny and Sparrow

Why’d you up and run away?
Why’d you up and run away from Me, darling?
Because you don’t have to,
My serial doubter.
Because you don’t have to, My love.

from one liar to another [april 21st, 2014]


honesty has a way of cracking people’s chests.


i dare you to let it.

Eclipse [4.14.14]


The world is a little louder than usual tonight
As more have forsaken the lovely
Of sleep
To see the Moon
with wide eyes.

He is a thing of forgotten wonder
To whom we have accustomed ourselves.
He is faithful in his watches of the night,
He is faithful in his becoming
In his disappearing
In his fullness
In his absence.
We know him, but we forget.
But tonight,
We watch.

We watch his wholeness.
The Moon burns fierce and bright.

But slowly,
a shadow

Blood flows over his face,
Pumped from a heart we cannot see.
He smolders against the velvet night.

All happens in the silence of Heaven.

Down below in Night’s belly
people marvel on picnic blankets,
Drinking wine the colors of the Moon
And gasping at the beauty.

The redness draws us in.
The same color floods our own veins.
We are made of the same magic.
We are all capable
Of bleeding and burning.

In the loudness of the world
Your silence is a wonder.